Community engagement is a cornerstone of LocuSAR’s work.

Community engagement

LocuSAR has a strong record of developing successful long-term community relationships. For example, over our decades-long involvement with indigenous groups in north-eastern South Australia, we have participated in cultural heritage management, native title claims, made films detailing personal and community histories, and been part of an interdisciplinary climate change adaption project.

Convergent Crises

In 2020 we are researching ‘convergent crises’. This is when a number of different crises overlap and intersect. Specifically, we are seeking to understand the impacts of drought, bushfires (and choking smoke), violent storms, floods, and COVID-19 on communities in southern NSW and the ACT.

Ethical Standards

All aspects of our work meet high ethical standards. We are guided the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research and the Australian Anthropological Society’s Code of Ethics.We maintain a collaborative approach even after data gathering has concluded, and ensure that the products of our research – including publications, reports, films and digital document libraries – remain with communities as an enduring legacy.